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Supported Devices

Roku & Roku TV

Amazon Fire Stick

Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Android TV

Android Mobile Devices

Android Set-top boxes

Got questions? We got answers!

How to get a free 7-day trial?

To get a free viewing for 7 days, register on our website and choose one of the active subscriptions. Also, with your login and password, you will be able to connect to Ukrainian television on any device that we support.

In what currency is the payment made?

All payments are made in USD.

How does the subscription work?

A subscription is paid access to all Mediacast services for a certain period (month or year), which provides for the automatic withdrawal of funds for membership at the beginning of the next period of service provision.

Every user who subscribed to our service can cancel it at any time by contacting our support service.

Please read the terms of service and privacy policy carefully before subscribing.

What internet speed is sufficient for using MEDAICCAST?

A speed of 8 to 10 megabits per second will be enough for you to watch TV comfortably. To check your connection speed, you can use the SpeedTest service

Can I get a refund if I change my mind about using the service?

The funds you paid for the subscription can be returned only if we can’t provide the service. In all other cases, funds are non-refundable. It is in connection with this that we provide the opportunity to get 7 days of free viewing to make sure that the service is suitable for you.

Read the terms of use of the service for more detailed information.

Need more help?

Quick and quality help from our customer support service.

Working schedule

10 am – 7 pm CST (Chicago time).
16:00 – 02:00 Berlin time.