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Ukrainian TV on Dune HD

Dune HD is a handy device for every home

The latest media player Dune HD is a modern budget prefix for watching video on the net. Broadcasting is possible in HD quality. With this device you can watch everything you want, it can provide many features, it’s worth a purchase for a comfortable viewing of TB.

Possibilities of the device

Enough multifunctional device has a compact size. It can be called a favorable option, the cost and quality of which fully correspond to the wishes of buyers. Dune arranges experienced demanding people, because because of her will be around the world of entertainment, no evening will not be boring. A pleasant surprise will be the Ukrainian TV for Dune HD buyers. The main advantages of the device are: built-in high-quality Wi-Fi adapter, ideal performance and functionality. It comes with a simple chipset, it operates with DDR3 memory. Sufficiently comfortable to use thought-out menu and interface. In order to set up a Ukrainian TV on a dune you do not have to waste much time. Though the device is small, it is capable of supporting almost all of the formats. Files open quickly enough. This is an ideal model for use in everyday life.

Models support

Ukrainian TV from Mediacast is available on the following models of Dune HD consoles:

  • Dune HD 102

How to setup

In order to set up this device for watching Ukrainian TV – download the manual from our site. Carefully read and follow each step in the instructions. If you have any difficulties during setup, please contact technical support.

Download the manual
Download the plugin

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