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Ukrainian TV on Infomir MAG

Ukrainian TV on Infomir MAG

The Mag will bring comfort to your life

The MAG is an IP TV-setted TV set. A compact, productive player will give its owner an impressive selection of multimedia services. You will never have to miss it with him. With the help of mages you can quickly equip a modern cinema hall in your own home.

What is it?

Mag250 set-top box is ​​a small stylish device. The front panel has a USB connector, standby indicator, infrared remote control receiver. Behind the multiplayer infomir are connectors: Ethernet, HDMI, USB. Also included are composite audio and video outputs, digital audio output.

What can i do

The mag gadget allows you to play any video in high quality on the big screen, regardless of which format it was made. You can also view multicast streams, create TV channel lists, and download multimedia data.
Pleasant news – the portal for the magician is very easy to find and install. This automatically gives you access to services such as Picasa, YouTube, and more. In addition to the above, there is still a Ukrainian TV on MAG. This device is very user-friendly, so it will be an important addition to the TV.

Models support

Ukrainian TV from Mediacast is available on the following models of infomir MAG set-top boxes:

  • Infomir MAG 250
  • Infomir MAG 322
  • Infomir MAG 323

How to setup?

In order to set up this device for watching Ukrainian TV – download the manual from our site. Carefully read and follow each step in the instructions. If you have any difficulties during setup, please contact technical support.

Download the manual

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