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Ukrainian and Russian TV is becoming increasingly diverse, covering all sorts of educational, entertaining and news programs. Here’s the list of the most popular Ukrainian and Russian TV channels, according to the number of viewers. All of the channels listed are available on Mediacast subscription.

Ukrainian TV

TV Channel Ukraine  (Телеканал Україна)

13.7% of 18+ audience.

Ukraine TV Channel is the Ukrainian general-level television channel, with a national status since 2003. The channel is part of Media Group Ukraine, the main shareholder of which is Rinat Akhmetov’s System Capital Management. As of 2017, TV Channel Ukraine is broadcast to more than 94% of households across the country.

TV Channel Ukraine broadcasts foreign and Ukrainian feature films, documentaries, TV shows and series, as well as has nation-wide news program. Its most popular shows include news-program Events, wake-up show Morning with Ukraine, and the most famous Ukrainian talk-show Ukraine talking!

Inter (Інтер)

10.6% of 18+ audience.

Inter is the Ukrainian national TV channel, part of media holding Inter Media Group owned by Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash’s DF Group. The TV channel is broadcast through terrestrial air and cable networks all over the country. The channel is now covering 99.7% of the territory of Ukraine.

The most well-known shows on Inter include news-program Podrobnosti, travel program Orel & reshka, wake-up show Morning with Inter, and a range of TV series.

In 2006, Inter Channel opened Interschool, a media education program aimed at training highly skilled TV professionals. Interschool offers such specializations as producer, director, screenwriter, journalist, operator, sound engineer, television presenter, and installation director. Admission of students takes place on a competitive basis. Students participate in the production of television programs of various genres. The best participants of the InterSchool program are invited to join the staff reserve of the media group “Inter”.

1+1 Channel

9% of 18+ audience.

1+1 is a Ukrainian nationwide TV channel, part of media holding “1+1 Media”. The channel was founded in September 1995 as a TV production studio. Its first programs went live on UT-1 channel in September of the same year. As an independent channel “1+1” has been on air since 1997. 1+1 Channel is now covering 95% of Ukrainian households. The TV channel moved to the 16:9 format on January 17, 2017.

Due to national success, 1+1 Channel opened its international version “1+1 International”, broadcast in the USA and Canada.

1+1 Channel has a plethora of different programs, including informational (TSN, Breakfast with 1+1), entertaining (Vechirniy Kvartal), Ukrainian and foreign TV series, and shows (Hell’s Kitchen, Dancing with the Stars, etc.).


8.3% of 18+ audience.

ICTV (International Commercial Television) is a nationwide Ukrainian TV channel, part of the StarLightMedia media holding, owned by several Ukrainian businesses tied with Viktor Pinchuk. ICTV started broadcasting on 15 June 1992. Now, the channel is estimated to cover 95% of Ukrainian population and has been broadcast in 16:9 format since 1 June 2015.

The channel is primarily focused on informational content, having several news programs (e.g. Facts, Facts.Sport, Morning in the Big City, etc.). Apart from that, the channel offers one of the most popular reality shows in the world, including well-known The Last Hero.


7.3% of 18+ audience.

STB stands for World of Television (укр. Світ телебачення). It is a Ukrainian nation-wide television channel, part of StarLightMedia media holding. It started broadcasting on June 2, 1997. As of 2017, STB TV Ukraine covers up to 94% of the country, including all regional centres and towns with population over 50,000 inhabitants.

STB TV Ukraine is famous for a range of programs, including news (Windows), entertainment shows (e.g. MasterChef, X-Factor, Ukraine Got Talent, etc.), and reality shows (e.g. Bachelor, 16 and Pregnant, Honey, We’re Killing the Kids, etc.).


Russian TV


13.3% of 18+ audience.

A state-owned TV channel, Russia-1 has been broadcast since 22 March 1951. The channel was founded as Program 1 in the Soviet Union. The channel became what it is today on the 13 May 1991 and has since then been part of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK). The coverage of the channel is 98,5% of the Russian population, while the daily audience amounts to 117 million people. In 2012, the channel opened its HD version, the content of which was the same as on the main channel. Both channels have a number of regional versions, shown in different languages.

Now, Russia-1 is the main competitor of another famous Russian channel – Channel 1, having similar politics and content format.

The most well-known program, aired by Russia-1 is the Vesti news program, broadcast since 1991. The channel also took part in the production of many Russian feature films and TV series.

Channel 1 (Первый канал)

12.1% of 18+ audience.

The Channel 1 is a country-wide TV channel in the Russian Federation, with an audience of more than 250 million people worldwide. The channel is positioned as the main TV channel of the country and has an international version called Channel 1. World network. Since 1 June 2011, the channel has been broadcast in 16:9 format. Channel 1 moved to HD quality in 2012.

The most well-known programs demonstrated on Channel 1 Russia include news programs (Vremya, News), medical programs (Malachov+, Zhyt Zdorovo, etc.), entertaining programs and reality shows (Minute of Fame, Let Them Talk, Big Race, etc.), as well as documentaries, sport programs and film projects.


9.4% of 18+ audience.

NTV is a privately-held Russian TV channel created as part of Vladimir Gusinsky’s media holding Media-Most and controlled by Gazprom Media since 2001.  NTV’s history started in 1993 with a group of well-known journalists joining the channel. Thus, the focus was placed on coverage of recent events and breaking news. Since then, news-programs Today and Itogi, have become one of the most influential informational programs in Russia.

In 2016-2017, NTV started diversifying its portfolio of programs on Russian TV, airing reality-show “Detectives VS Psychics”, entertaining show “Secret Worth a Million”, documentary series “Big Parents”, and a number of sports programs.

Channel 5 (Пятый канал)

6.2% of 18+ audience.

Channel 5 is the oldest TV channel in Russia, the history of which started in 1933 in the form of Leningrad Radio Committee. The channel got its current name and concept in 2004 designed by British company English and Pockett.

Since the very beginning, the channel was broadcast from Saint-Petersburg, making it the most Northern channel in this list.

Due to the merger with Ren TV Channel in 2017, Izvestia became the main producer of news programs. As a result of the events, Channel 5 has halved its news programs, and reduced the number of entertaining programs threefold. In turn, the management of Channel 5 started focusing on TV series “Trace”, feature films, and programs “Stories from the Future” and “Angel’s day”.

Meanwhile, such successful media projects as “Morning on Channel 5” and “Open Studio” were moved to new channel 78.


5.7% of 18+ audience.

TNT is a Russian federal channel concentrating on entertaining and humorous TV shows. TNT channel was created in 1997, joining Gazprom Media Holding in 2001.

The channel’s target audience consists of people of 14-44 years of age, with the core spanning younger generation from 18 to 30 years old.

This explains the content of the TNT channel, predominantly covering TV shows and comedy series. For instance, its most popular shows are “Dom-2”, “Comedy Club”, “Bitva Extrasensov” (The Battle of Extrasensory), “Interns”, etc.

The business model of the channel is a TV network, where the main source of income is advertising. The TNT has exclusive rights for all its original shows and series, as well as owns two large production companies – Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media.

How can you watch Ukrainian channels online?

The answer has never been simpler. All of your favorite Ukrainian TV channels are now available for online streaming on Mediacast. All you have to do is turn on your favorite device, download our app (or open a browser), access Mediacast, and enjoy the latest shows and series from Ukraine and Russia wherever you are.

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