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Ukraine is now closer!

Mediacast broadcasts Ukrainian television outside Ukraine unites all Ukrainians worldwide and takes the Ukrainian media space to a new level.

MEDIACAST.TV gives its users the opportunity to watch native Ukrainian television far abroad. For your convenience, we have selected the best TV channels that are nice and interesting to watch every day. Their number is constantly growing! Having its own powerful equipment on several continents allows you to easily broadcast quality television over long distances.
One of the interesting advantages of MEDIACAST.TV is the ability to shift the air in time (timeshift): turning on the TV at 9:00 in Canada, you can watch those TV shows that were broadcast at 9:00 Ukrainian time.

We have also developed applications for popular platforms: ROKU, iOS, Android, Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, and others.
We recently introduced the Free Plan, which allows you to watch all available TV channels for free for 5 days.

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